Benefits of Pine straw Ground Cover

01 May

For the past two decades, pine straw mulch cover has been the best landscape groundcover material. The bales come in different sizes and thus offering coverage for all sizes of projects. These materials have been used in various landscaping projects ranging from commercial flower bends to highway landscaping.

The pine straw mulches have a good and appealing texture. The brown color makes them look good and thus people prefer their uniformity rather than the traditional mulching materials. The mulches are preferred by many farmers as they create an enabling environment which provides a conducive environment suitable for growing your crops. They act as catalyst thus stimulating the growth of healthy plants in your garden.

Upon decomposition, the pine straw north carolina supplies nutrients to the soil. The high content of nitrogen in these mulches is essential for the crops. The mulches, therefore, act a source of nutrients to the crops and thus reducing the number of fertilizers which the crops need for proper growth and high yields.

The layer of swift straw is used in the growth process of the crops. They offer proper insulation of the roots of the plants. This is useful especially in warmer seasons when the lower stems of the plants need to remain cooler. Even during the cold months, the pine straw mulch helps the plants to remain warmer and at the same time protect the roots from freezing as a result of these harsh environmental conditions.

Sloping landscapes as characterized by soil erosion during heavy rain season. In such season the pine straw mulches interlock and thus forms a perfect cover to the soils hence controlling soil erosion. The interlocking of the pine straws makes them different from other types of mulches. They also allow water to easily pass through them and thus allows smooth flow of the water hence preventing it from sweeping the loose soils away. In the process, they end up acting as water conservation materials as they will prevent faster evaporation of the water.

The pine straw pines are simple to handle. Installation is very simple and thus can be done by anybody. They are light weighted and hence most people can apply them. These bales do not need to be removed. Once they have decomposed you can just apply another layer of the pine straw mulches.

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